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3. After you checkout the goods will be sent to you as normal and you would be able to follow up with your payments when you login.

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They allow online shoppers to purchase items in four interest free installments that are due every 2 weeks.

Lash Glue

1. Use your favorite oil-free makeup remover or cleanser (Liquid Makeup Remover is Recommeded)

2. Massage makeup remover/cleanser on lash line for 10-15 seconds

3. Gently remove lashes from lash line using tweezers or fingertips 

Lash Information

Yes, the Mink hairs on our lashes are collected from Siberian Minks by softly brushing through there fur and then they are gathered, washed, and treated to prepare our Mink lashes

No, these lashes are light weight to ensure a comfortable fit. If the lashes are placed properly on your lash line there should be no harm caused to your natural lashes. 

We recommend using our Lash Taffy Adhesive to adhere your lashes and safely removing lashes with a Q-tip using your normal oil-free makeup cleanser.

Our lashes can be worn 22 times or more with proper care.

*** See thank you card for additional care tips ***

No, you should never add mascara to your mink lashes. This will ruin the quality of the mink lash hairs. If you would like to add mascara you should apply it to your natural lashes prior to applying your mink strip lashes. 

Our lash bands are all the same length. The bands are made to be flexible to curve comfortably on any eye shape. Our bands are thin to provide our babes with a lightweight feeling.

Each band can be cut carefully prior to applying your lashes to customize the fit to your eye.


Unfortunately, we are not responsible for any lost packages once we have provided tracking information and item has been received by the postal service. If there are any issues with your lost package please contact the mail carrier to have them investigate your claim. 

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